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From Life: Fourth Salmagundi Club Oil Portrait Sketching Competition
Upper Gallery, October 11, 2020

Pictured: Artwork by Edmond Rochat      

Upper and Lower Gallery
Sponsored and organized by the Salmagundi Library Committee and Alexander Katlan
Due to the Covid-19 there has been significant changes to the From Life: Fourth Salmagundi Club  Oil Portrait Sketching Competition. Please see below. Although a Zoom Event was discussed, the purpose of the competition is “to work from Life”. Depending on the Covid situation in NYC and the opening of the Club, competition may be postponed if things turn worse in NYC. If postponement of the competition is required, REFUNDS of tickets will be available to the artists in the competition by EVENTBRITE. Any artist cancelling their ticket will need to provide 48 hour notification.
A Covid form will be filled out the day of the competition and will be sent to the artists and assistants in advance. Temperatures will be taken on entering the Club.
To comply with safety protocols, three models will be participating in two different galleries having eight artists around each model and thus the six foot separation needed for the safety of artists and assistants in the competition in view of these difficult times. The following procedures have been adopted for the protection of the artist competitors.  
The number of artists in the competition have been reduced to 24 artists from 45 artists. These artists will be divided by lottery number into two separate  galleries. The Main Gallery will have 2 models with 8 artists around each model and the Lower Gallery will have 8 artists around one model. Artists and Assistants are required to wear masks and gloves. The six foot separation will be observed throughout the club including parlor and  outside of the building on Fifth Ave. There will be no lining up of artists to enter the building but rather you will be contacted by cell phone to enter the Club. Please provide by email to the artists cell phone numbers. All artist competitors are required to provide a cell phone number when registering for the competition.
Before entering the Salmagundi Club your temperature will be taken, and All entering will be required to wear face masks and gloves. Hand sanitizers and wipes are by each restroom at the lower level.
The general public, friends and colleagues will not be able to view the paintings of the competition except on INSTAGRAM because of the restrictions. The Salmagundi Bar will not be open. No food or beverages will be available from the club however artist may bring their own. The 6 foot spacing will be observed between artists and between models.
Group Photograph: In order to keep the 6 foot separation-. A different version of a group photograph of the artists will be done  by photographer Anthony Almeida. These will be individual photos of the artists which are then PHOTO SHOPPED together. These individual photos could be done in the Parlor or outside on the club steps and according to the availability of and organization by the photographer Anthony Almeida.
Competition begins 10 am to 3 pm. Doors open to participants to Salmagundi Club Main Gallery at 9:15 AM. No lining up. Artists are required to wear masks and gloves. Artist will enter Main Gallery one at a time keeping the 6 foot separation.
Competition is 5 hours. Judging from 3 to 4pm. Contest winners announced at 4:00 - 4:30pm

Competition is open and limited to first 24 artists on Sunday October 11, 2020.
PRIZES: $4500.00 in Cash Prizes
Click HERE for participant tickets, available online only. No walk-ins will be permitted. You do not have to submit your Artwork to be judged for prizes. No tickets will be sold at door.
Price $55.00 per person - Open to all Artists, and Ateliers. 
Please click HERE to purchase your ticket for the competition, available online only.
EASELS: Please click HERE if you require an easel for an additional fee of $10. There will be a limited number of easels (8) available. Please contact Alexander Katlan
For Wait List: please contact Alexander Katlan 718 445-7458 or  
Only 24 spots available–reservations required on a first come first serve basis. No turpentine allowed only odorless mineral spirits or non-toxic, odorless turpentine substitute.
MODELS: The three Portrait models will be positioned in the main gallery and lower gallery. Each model will hold a single pose for five hours (breaking every 20 minutes for five minutes).
LOTTERY FOR OIL SKETCHING SPOTS:  Upon entering the Main Gallery, each artist will draw a number and proceed to that easel spot for one of the three models.
Size Limitation: No oil sketch larger than 18” x 24” will be accepted for Judging.
Judging from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. 

FIRST CASH PRIZE: $3,000.00 +Chelsea Classical Fine Art Materials

The Oil Sketch will enter permanently the Salmagundi Club Art Collection.
Subject to SCNY Board of Directors approval. The first prize winner will receive a one year complimentary membership in the Salmagundi Club.

The Chelsea Classical Fine Art Materials prizes were made available through the generosity of Brendon Soloff for all three prizes.

SECOND CASH PRIZE: $1000.00+ Chelsea Classical Fine Art Materials

THIRD PRIZE HONORABLE MENTION: $500  + Chelsea Classical Fine Art Materials.


ART JURY: Five Distinguished members of the N.Y. Metropolitan Art Scene: Rick Piloco, Ed Rochat, Andrew Lattimore, and Jordan Sokol.
Richard Piloco (b. 1964) is an American painter and instructor. He received his undergraduate degree from the School of the Visual Arts, then continued his training at The Art Students League and the New York Academy of Figurative Art. Mr. Piloco was a member of a leading group of realists known as The Paint Group, six immensely talented artists who came together in weekly sessions to challenge and critique one another’s  work. In 2002, Mr. Piloco was included in a small and select group of artists who traveled to the historical Forbes Estate in the north of France for an invitational painting adventure. Mr. Piloco has taught at The Water Street Atelier in New York and was a participant in the Mentor Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Jordan Sokol- Academic Director, The Florence Academy of Art-U.S.
Jordan's work focuses on the human figure. In 2013, after a decade of studying and teaching in Italy he moved to Spain and began teaching privately from his studio in Madrid. In 2014 Jordan returned to the United States upon the invitation of The Florence Academy of Art to open their first official U.S. branch in Jersey City, NJ where he is currently the Academic Director. Jordan has taught drawing and painting workshops throughout the United States and Europe including the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, the Canova Atelier in Rome, the Janus Collaborative in New York, and the Art Students League of New York. His work has been featured in numerous publications including 'Lessons in Classical Drawing' as well as 'Lessons in Classical Painting: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier' by Juliette Aristides and in 2013 was honored as one of the '25 Artists of Tomorrow' by American Artist Magazine.
Jordan’s work has exhibited internationally, including London’s National Portrait Gallery as part of the 2015 BP Portrait exhibition, and is represented by Arcadia Contemporary in Los Angeles.

Edmond Rochat studied painting, drawing, and sculpture at DuCret School of Art, The Art Students League of New York, and Janus Collaborative School of Art. He supplemented his studies as a lab assistant for advanced artistic anatomy offered by Janus Collaborative School of Art and hosted by Drexel University School of Medicine. Rochat received the Mary Elizabeth Scholarship from the New Jersey Society of Arts and Letters, The Dr. Furman Fink Award for portraiture, and a grant from the Stobart Foundation. He was also awarded a grant from the John F. and Anne Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund, which he used to study Greek and Renaissance sculpture at the Slater Memorial museum. His works have appeared in Persimmon Hill Journal and published in The Visual Language of Drawing: Lessons on the Art of Seeing. He teaches at The Art Students League of New York, The Florence Academy of Art, and The New York School of the Arts. He maintains a studio in the Bronx and has participated in numerous exhibitions in New York including a solo show in lower Manhattan.

Andrew Lattimore
As a professional artist for over 40 years, he has remained true to his endeavor, "the pursuit of truthful beauty in human creativity."  Born and raised in New York, Andrew has  been committed to the practice of fine art since the age of 12, when he began his artistic training. He studied anatomy with Steven Rogers Peck, who wrote the consummate book on anatomy, Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist. Peck who was one of his biggest mentors, remained a life long friend.  Once he completed his training at The National Academy of Fine Arts in New York, he spent three years in Europe which became the definitive influence in his professional life.  Throughout his artistic career, the human figure has remained his most inspiring subject.  "The challenge, the mechanics, and the rendering of the human form leaves no room for error," he says.
Cash prizes made possible through the generous donations of  a private foundation.
Special thanks to the following for their assistance: Elizabeth Spencer, Roger Rossi, Carole Teller, Joan Marie Palmer, Donna Prizzi, Tahseen Ali-Khan, Dan Bunn, Anthony Almeida, Dylan Gillispie, Alexander Katlan.

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