Salmagundi Art Club of New York


Auctions to Benefit Salmagundi
April 30, 2018 - May 18, 2018

Mon-Fri 1-6PM, Sat & Sun 1-5PM.

1st Auction: Fri., May 11, 8pm
Auctioneer Nicholas Dawes, Heritage Auctions
2nd Auction: Fri., May 18, 8pm
Auctioneer Nicholas Dawes, Heritage Auctions

Public Reception: Thursday, May 3rd, 7-9PM.

To View the Art for the 1st Auction, click HERE
To View the Art for the 2nd Auction, click HERE

Bar opens at 5pm. Dining Room open at 5:30PM. 
For reservations, 212.255.7740.

The Salmagundi Club hosts its Annual Spring Auctions of works by artist members in all media, including oil painting, sculpture, fine-art graphics, and photography.  These Spring Auctions are a major fundraising event for Salmagundi, a non-profit organization.  Monies raised from the auctions help to fund the maintenance and operation of our historic building.

Over 150 artworks by current Salmagundi members will be auctioned. Collectors since the early 1900s have flocked to these events, held every spring and fall, to find top-quality works of representational painting, drawing, fine-art graphics, photography, and sculpture, at better-than-reasonable prices.

 Four Ways to Bid:
1)  In person.
2)  By Absentee Bid. Collectors can fill out the form at the Club or click HERE for a faxable form. Fax number is 646.349.2275.
3)  Live online bidding will take place during the auction.
4) By phone. Call 212.255.7740 in advance to register to bid from wherever you are. We will call you during the auction just prior to your lot coming to the block.

A 10 percent buyer's premium will be applied to all purchases.

Lay Jury Award Winners

  1. F. Ballard WIlliams Fund Award, $300:
    Kreutz, Gregg , "San Miguel de Allende Square", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 75, Opening Bid, 750.00
  2. Charles Dana Gibson SCNY Award, $300:
    Salwen, Peter, "Flatiron Plaza, Summer Morning", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 90, Opening Bid, 200.00
  3. Herbert L. & R. Harmer SMith SCNY Award, $250:
    Lynn, Susan, "Receding Snow", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 57, Opening Bid, 250.00
  4. Kent Day & Helen Coes SCNY Award, $225:
    Teller, Carole, "Street Scene", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 94, Opening Bid, 300.00
  5. Frederick S. Church SCNY Award, $200:
    Baiocco, Costanza, "Grace Church", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 38, Opening Bid, 350.00
  6. John Foote SCNY Award, $50:
    Barker, Al, "Fisherman's House", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 121, Opening Bid, 275.00
  7. Satoko Kojima SCNY Award, $50:
    Haywood-Sullivan, Liz, "Trout Lake Spring", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 44, Opening Bid, 600.00

Art Jury Award Winners

  1. Joseph Hartley SCNY Award, $400:
    Hunt, Jane, "Sunset on Q Road", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 5, Opening Bid, 600.00
  2. Sylvia Maria Glesmann Floral / Still Life Award, $300:
    Anderson, Kathy , "Blue Pansy with Snapdragons", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 120, Opening Bid, 500.00
  3. Thomas Moran SCNY Award, $250:
    Dizon, Oscar R., ""The Birdman"", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 69, Opening Bid, 2200.00
  4. George Inness, Jr. SCNY Award, $225
    Hatke, Walter, "Old Money (larger than life)", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 106, Opening Bid, 1700.00
  5. S. Allyn Schaeffer Memorial Award, $200:
    Chang , Yutien , "Friends ", 2nd Auction, May 18, Lot # 89, Opening Bid, 700.00
  6. Gordon Grant SCNY Award, $200:
    Traynor, John, "The Student", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 11, Opening Bid, 850.00
  7. Henry O' Connor SCNY Award, $175:
    Harris, Steve, "Chicas de Bandoneon", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 37, Opening Bid, 150.00
  8. Bruce Crane SCNY Award, $175:
    Terry, David W., "The Singer", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 12, Opening Bid, 2000.00
  9. Martin Hannon Memorial Award, $125:
    Shaver-Crandell, Annie, "Lavender Field", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 10, Opening Bid, 500.00
  10. Philip Isenberg Memorial Award, $125:
    Ivers, Christine, "Wired", 1st Auction, May 11, Lot # 25, Opening Bid, 400.00


Pictured (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):
”Fall Still Life”, Patricia Tribastone, oil on linen board, 20x16, Opening Bid 450
"Early Morning", Del-Bourree Bach, acrylic on panel, 8x8, Opening Bid 600
”Contemplation; East River Drive”, Mary McKenna Ridge,  film photograph digitalized, 7.25x11, Opening Bid 250
”Manhattan Dining”, Thalia Stratton, oil on canvas, 20x16, Opening Bid 850
”The Student”, John Traynor, oil, 20x24, Opening Bid 850
”Central Park Carousel”, Michael Budden, Oil, 8x10, Opening Bid 475
”Sunset on Q Road”, Jane Hunt, oil, 13x20, Opening Bid 600
”Blue Pansy with Snapdragons”, Kathy Anderson, oil, 8x10, Opening Bid 500
”Smithsonian”, Christopher Zhang, oil, 12x16, Opening Bid 1000

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Salmagundi Club is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.