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40th Annual Open Exhibitions in Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, & Photography
Upper Gallery, July 23, 2018 - August 03, 2018

Gallery Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 1pm - 6pm
Sat. & Sun, 1pm - 5pm

The Salmagundi Club is pleased to announce its ANNUAL OPEN EXHIBITIONS, one for Painting, Sculpture, & Graphics and the other for Photography July 23 - Aug. 3, 2018. These competitive fine art exhibitions are comprised of works from all over the country and allows both well known and up-and-coming artists to exhibit their work in the Salmagundi Club's prestigious galleries.

Award Winners for Painting

"Patrick", Takayo Futamura, 87., Best in Show Award 
"Cotton", Grace DeVito, 17., Joseph Hartley Memorial Award for Oil
"Downtown", Joy Makon, 37., Thomas Moran Memorial Award for Watercolor
"You Say Tomatoes", Gemma Di Grazia, 101., George Inness Jr. Memorial Award for Pastel
"Infinite Power", Nicholas Alberti, 39., Nat'l Society Painters in Casein and Acrylic Award
"Winter Red", Gretha Lindwood, 23., Pastel Society of America Award
"Girnigoe Cliffs-North Sea", William Sinclair, 98., American Artists' Professional League Award  
"Gate of Heaven", Hannah Jung, 124., Allied Artists of America Award
"Pock Marked Face Old Man", Hui Zhou, 106., Audubon Artists, Inc. Award
"Zen Morning", Linda Lutzai, 78., Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit Award
"As You Sail on to Ithaca", Eileen Nistler, 58., Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club
"Heading Home", Louise Winant, 84., Katlan Family Seascape Award
"The Rhythm of Autumn", Nan Zheng, 62., Connecticut Pastel Society Award 
"Fish Out of Water...", Victoria Salzman, 82., SCNY Award for Graphics
"Heather with Two Painters", Lin Yang, 42., Ridgewood Art Institute Award
"Plastic Life - 1", Ashwini Bharathula, 114., Jerry's Artarama Gift Card Award
"Two Hawks",  R. Geoffrey Blackburn, 63., Gamblin Artists Colors Material Award for a Landscape in Oil
"Mountain Pass", Robert Ferguson, 104., Col Art of Americas Winsor Newton Material Award for Watercolor
"Prairie", Su Liu, 14., ART TIMES Banner Ad Award
"Gazelle Bike & Shadow", Ben Schoenleber, 18., Certificate of Merit Award for Watercolor
"Sequence", Anthony Parillo, 16., Certificate of Merit Award for Pastel / Color Pencil
"Steps Up", E B Gregor, 22., Certificate of Merit Award for Acrylic
"Juliet", Margaret Minardi, 65., Certificate of Merit Award for Mixed Media
"Elf on the Plateau", JingFeng Li, 79., Certificate of Merit Award for Graphics
"Reine de Printemps", Amy Whitman, 41., Patricia J. Wynne Award for Pen & Ink

Award Winners for Sculpture

"Penny-Farthing", Erika Rubel, 116A., Joseph Hartley Memorial Award 
"Wilson", Glenn Marlowe, 9., Olivia Olsson Memorial Award for Sculpture
"Layla", Kristina Kossi, 6., JAnn & Bruno Lucchesi Figurative Sculpture Award
"Taking Flight", Yang Dong, 11., Salmagundi Club Award for Sculpture 
"Grace", Larry Scaturro, 3., Certificate of Merit Award for Sculpture

Award Winners for Photography & Graphics

"Bee-Hold", Leesa Beckmann, 40., Best in Show Award
"What Goes Unnoticed", Susan Cannarellla, 81., Bruce Crane Memorial Award
"Fenestrae", Rajmohan, 8., SCNY Award for Photography
"Shadows of Dawn", Leonard Hellerman, 96., Anthony Almeida Award for Photography
"That Time of Day", Sergio Villaschi, 94., SCNY President's Award
"Looking Through the Window", Susan Kanfer, 62., Certificate of Merit Award for Photography
"Into the Lane, Varanasi, India", Mary Catherine Messner, 75., Ceritficate of Merit Award for Photography 
"Under the No. 7 Train", Christine Doyle, 99., Certificate of Merit Award for Photography
"Upward to the Sky", Elina Veyberman, 86. Honorable Mention Award for Photography

To View the Art:

Click HERE for the Painting, Sculpture, & Graphics Exhibit
Click HERE for the Photography Exhibit

Juror of Awards for Painting, Sculpture, & Graphics

William L. Coleman is Associate Curator of American Art at the Newark Museum, where his projects include the current special exhibition The Rockies and the Alps: Bierstadt, Calame, and the Romance of the Mountains and a 2019 show of the work of the experimental photographer Matthew Brandt. After undergraduate studies at Haverford College, master’s degrees from the Courtauld Institute of Art and Oxford University, he earned a doctorate from Berkeley. He has held fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Smithsonian Institution and honored with numerous teaching and essay awards. In addition to a variety of museum publications, his writing has appeared in Huntington Library Quarterly, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, and The Routledge Companion to Music and Visual Culture.
Juror of Awards for Photography

Doug Schwab, born in 1946, in Orange, New Jersey, is a quintessential self-taught photographer who began his journey into the photographic life as early as age ten when he started to experiment with film processing and printing. By age 13, he was already a constant presence in his own darkroom, developing and sharpening his printing skills on the enlarger he’d bought with money saved from a paper route. His early passion then led him to study graphic arts in high school and to work in the printing industry, which he followed upon graduation with a six-year position in a commercial studio in Newark, NJ, and then as staff photographer with the ITT Corporation in Nutley, NJ, a position he held for eight years.

In the later 1970’s, Schwab began his formal education in photography at New York City’s School of Visual Arts and The New School for Social Research. At The New School, Schwab studied with renowned photographers George Tice and Lisette Modell, whom he befriended and continued to study privately with her up until her death in 1982. Professionally during this time, Schwab taught photography at New York City’s famed Germain School of Photography, and later became a well-known black and white printer for Photographics Unlimited in the heart of New York’s Photo District.

The 1990’s brought a time of artistic reevaluation for Schwab. In an attempt to more deeply explore photography as an art form, Schwab studied figure drawing at the Art Students League, and painting, sculpture, and printmaking at Brooklyn College where he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master of Fine Art degrees. It was here, at Brooklyn College, that he developed his current interest in historical photographic processes.

Doug Schwab taught photography as an adjunct professor at Kingsborough Community College for many years, as well as at Adelphi University, and Pratt Institute. Currently, Schwab is a Tenured Assistant Professor of Photography at Brooklyn College. He has also had the recent good fortune to collaborate with Robert Gurbo, Curator for the Estate of Andre Kertesz, as a prepress digital editor for two books by Robert Gurbo of Kertesz’s work, Andre Kertesz: The Polaroids, and Andre Kertesz: On Reading, by Robert Gurbo. Both books published by W. W. Norton.

Pictured (clockwise from top left):
Minardi Margaret "Grackle", Graphics mixed, 34x28, $2500
Yang Lin "Time Traveler", Oil, 40x30,$8000
Messner Mary Catherine"Lifeguard Station,  Colombo Sri
Lanka", Photography, 13x19, $350
Zhou Hui
"Pock Mocked Face Old Man", Charcoal Pencil, 22x31, $4000
Bucci Thomas "Thinking of Italy", Watercolor, 11x15, $1400
Brod Fuehrer "Craig Eve", Oil, 12x9, $1000
Mallis Eva "Quiet Time", Digital Photo, 19x13, $450
Garrett Gary "Amerika Pervaya", Found Object Assemblage Metal, 28x20x8, $5000
Lindwood Gretha "Winter Red", Pastel, 8.25x11, $750,


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