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Conserve Wildlife Foundation's Rare Wildlife Revealed: The James Fiorentino Traveling Art Exhibition
Patrons' Gallery, April 03, 2017 - April 08, 2017

Conserve Wildlife Foundation's Rare Wildlife Revealed: The James Fiorentino Traveling Art Exhibition

Gallery Hours: M-F 1pm-6pm, Sat. 1pm-5pm.
CWF has partnered with James Fiorentino's for a traveling exhibition of his artwork depicting some of the northeast’s most vulnerable wildlife species. Mr. Fiorentino’s evocative artwork inspires viewers through his lifelike depictions of rare and vulnerable wildlife in their natural surroundings. His watercolor paintings truly bring wildlife to life on the canvas. In doing so, his art helps to educate and engage viewers about the precipitous declines that many of these species have undergone. By putting a spotlight on these charismatic yet often-overlooked wildlife species, we seek to bring attention to the very tangible steps that people can take to save and strengthen these wildlife populations.
Conserve Wildlife Foundation has worked to protect rare wildlife in the northeast for over two decades. CWF biologists and educators utilize field science, habitat restoration, environmental education, public engagement, and volunteer stewardship to ensure our most vulnerable wildlife species can continue to call New Jersey home. Our dedicated and innovative scientists have helped many species recover and thrive again in our densely populated state. More information can be found at
CWF's education program meets the latest educational standards in helping kids grow in STEAM - or Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. CWF’s wildlife webcams, Story Maps, live webcasts, and e-books help bring wildlife directly to the screens of tens of thousands of people, while our public events and volunteer projects give people of all generations the opportunity to experience the wonders of wildlife up close. Our educators utilize art and essay contests, educational field trips, summer camps, afterschool programs, technology initiatives, classroom presentations, and wildlife-based curriculum and lesson plans.

1) Bald Eagle 20 x 20
2) Barred Owl 30 x 22
3) Fisher 24 x 16
4) Golden-Winged Warbler 30 x 22

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