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John Stobart Exhibition
Parlor, April 22, 2014 - May 22, 2014

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The story is legendary. 

In 1965, an artist arrived in New York City.  Under his arm were four paintings, carefully wrapped up in brown paper and tied with strings. In appearance, he seemed no different from the scores of other artists who were steadily streaming into Manhattan to make their mark. Unlike other artists, however, this artist brought with him more than just painted canvases. He brought with him an unsurpassed talent, meticulously culminated over twenty years through relentless study and hard work; a talent that drew on his beginnings in England, accompanied him through South Africa and brought him to the shipyards of Canada where he further honed his skills.  On his first day in New York City and on the strength of these four paintings, he was offered his first one man show in the United States.  The exhibition was held at the Kennedy Galleries and the artist's name was John Stobart.

For over fifty years, John Stobart’s vision has been resonating with art lovers and collectors all over the world.   As an artist, his work is uncompromising. He paints what he loves, inspiring younger artists to do the same.  As a man of integrity, he uses the profits garnered from his work to help fund the Stobart Foundation, an organization which offers fellowships to young artists who excel at painting from life. Nearly one hundred $5,000 fellowships have been awarded to recently-graduated art students to assist in their becoming professional painters.

Though he is now in his eighties, John Stobart shows little signs of slowing down. When one hears him speak, they cannot help but hear the energy, passion, and dedication of that young man who came here fifty years ago to begin his career.  And he continues to paint; both scenes of America's halcyon sailing days as well as making time for his first love, plein air painting; an approach which he champions, once again inspiring others to leave the studio and discover beauty in its original form  . . . and to capture it.

The Salmagundi Club is honored to present 24 works by this Master of American Art.  Truly, a legend in his own time.

Gallery Open Mon - Fri 1-6PM, Sat - Sun 1-5PM.  Reception, Thursday, May 15, 6-7pm (preceeding the Fireside Chat with Peter Trippi).

John Stobart is the recipient of the 2014 Salmagundi Medal of Honor which will be presented at the SCNY Presidents' Dinner on Wednesday, May, 14.  Mr. Stobart will also appear in person for a Fireside Chat with Peter Trippi on Thursday, May 15, at 7pm in the Club's Upper Gallery.

Pictured: "St. Mary Approaching Cape Horn", 20 x 26, oil, $110,000.


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