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Upper Gallery, October 24, 2017

Tuesday, Oct. 24
Demo from Life: 6:30-8:30pm
Powerpoint presentation: 8:30-9:30pm
Tickets: $25, $20 for SCNY Members
$15 for Students with ID
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Max will give an alla prima painting from life demonstration.  He will begin by carefully observing the model posing to decide placement and design on the blank canvas.  Then, using a big brush, he will paint the large shapes of the model, avoiding any details and without the use of a preliminary drawing.  He paints thinly at first, like in a wash drawing and mainly deals with proportions which, at this stage of the painting is the key to getting the form, character and gesture of the model.  He then continues developing the forms in a more sculptural way rather than a flat or linear manner.  He now paints more thickly using linseed oil as his medium.  The mixing of cool and warm colors plays a big role in developing the values as well as the color.  And the colors he paints are the colors he sees which will vary depending on the surrounding forms, light and shade, etc.

Nothing is static, all the forms are changing and everything is related.  He now begins to develop the smaller forms, still using a big brush but is still avoiding details.  Background tones are applied only to define the relationship of the model's shape, value and color.

At a later stage details are suggested, not overly rendered, and often with the use of a smaller brush.  Drawing or careful observation is constant throughout the duration of the painting, especially since forms change as the painting develops.  The chief concern in painting is that he is expressing the unique reality of the model posing, not the formulae from a textbook.

Max Ginsburg's PowerPoint Presentation will highlight some of his paintings since 1956, and discuss his struggle as a realist during the Dark Ages of the "Modern Art" 20th Century, his Multifigure Painting Procedures, his Social Realism and that of the Old Masters, and the lack of opportunity to seriously study realist painting in the colleges and universities that boasted of freedom of expression.

Personal Statement:
"I choose to paint realistically because I believe realism is truth and truth is beauty.  I derive an aesthetic pleasure in skillfully done realistic drawings and paintings.  I believe that realism can communicate ideas strongly and it is this communication that is extremely important to me."

Max Ginsburg has exhibited extensively in public venues and commercial galleries and has won many awards.  From 1980-2004 he painted illustrations for major publications.  He taught art at the H.S. of Art & Design 1960-1982, the School of Visual Art 1984-2000, The Art Students League 2008-present. He has given many workshops around the U.S. and abroad.  In 2011 he published his book, "Max Ginsburg -Retrospective".
To learn more about Max Ginsburg you can visit his website at
Recent Selected Awards and Exhibitions
*Solo Exhibition at The FEI Art Museum, Yokohama, Japan 2017 *The William Draper Grand Prize at the Portrait Society of America 2015 *Gold Medal Award for Life Time Achievement in the Arts from the California Art Club *Best in Show from the Art Renewal Center Competition 2011 *Retrospective Solo Exhibition at The Butler Institute of American Art 2011 *Retrospective Solo Exhibition at The Salmagundi Club 2011

Pictures clock wise;

(1) Unemployed on the line  (2) Pali Demo  (3) Protest March  (4) Tsering In Studio (5) Andrea 




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