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Quang Ho: Defining Quality in a Painting (Presentation)
Upper Gallery, October 12, 2017

Thursday, 4-5:30PM

Quang Ho, exhibiting artist in American Masters 2017 and co-curator, is a visionary painter and curator, and in this presentation he will discuss the concept of quality in a painting. Quang Ho is an internationally regconized painter who's experience and senseational art confront the traditional methods of fine art. In his own words, Quang says “The real essence of painting is the dialogue between shapes, tones, colors, textures, edges, and line. Everything else follows - including light, form, concepts, personal beliefs, and inspirations. For me, painting is a marriage between the mastery of those 'basic visual elements.”

Ho's work covers a variety of subject matter, focusing on the relationship of artist and environment, creating a visual conversation between his audience and his work. How does one define quality? What are both the subjective and objective aspects of creating and curating artwork? There will be an open Q+A session with the artist at the end of the presentation.

Admission: $10 suggested donation (at door)

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