Salmagundi Art Club of New York


SCNY Black & White Exhibition 2019
Upper Gallery, January 28, 2019 - February 14, 2019

On View Mondays- Fridays 1-6pm
Saturday and Sunday, 1-5pm.

To View the Art from last year's Black & White Exhibition, click HERE.

The Salmagundi Club is proud to announce its historic Annual Black and White Exhibition. This show is a juried members' exhibition of black and white or monochromatic sepia drawings, graphics, photographs, paintings, and sculpture by artist members. 

The first Black & White Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club took place in 1878, only a few short years after the Club was formed. It provided a rich catalogue of the artists of the day, and interestingly enough, exhibitors did not originally need to be members to participate. As the public's interest in illustration grew, these exhibitions provided artwork for a variety of purposes, and many of the works initially shown in these shows went on to be published in the burgeoning magazine market of the late 19th century. The "Black and White" has taken place yearly since then.

Salmagundi's Annual Black & White Exhibition remains a beloved Salmagundi tradition as artists capture dynamism and vibrance through the simplest of palettes. Peering through a lense of black and white, Salmagundi Club's member artists present finely-tuned styles and techniques in a variety of media. Gallery visitors return for the artistry, the wam sense of nostalgia, and the wide breadth of works on view.

Reception: January 31st, 6 - 9PM. Members and Members Guests.

Pictured from Right to Left (from 2018):
May Rostrand Trien, "Innocence," Graphite pencil, NFS
Shawn Sullivan, "Two Faced," Oil, $600
Grace Davies, "Naked Raku Horseshoe Crab," Ceramic, $350
Joe Goldman, "A Study for Abanar," Photograph, $750

Award Winners 
Painting & Graphics
1. Rosemary & Co Brushes Award, $500: Gretchen Dugan, "Mark 4B"
2. Hugh P. Botts Award, $400: Annie Patt, "Citi Towering"
3. William D. Zahn Memorial Award, $125: May Rolstad Trien, "Innocence"
4. Multimedia Art Board Gift Certificate, $100: Lucas Bononi, "Collins"
5. Don Donaldson Memorial Award, $50: Neil Slaughter, "A Quiet Contemplation"
     (For a drawing, ink, pencil or charcoal)
6. Salmagundi Club Award, $50: Robert Coombs, "Moonlight on Mink Hollow Rd."
7. Certificate of  Merit, $50: Georgette Sinclair, "Following the Light"
8. Rosemary & Co. Brushes: Shawn Sullivan, "Two Faced"
9. Rosemary & Co. Brushes: Patricia Hynes, "Reflections for Donovan"

1. Richman Sculpture Award, $125: Lou Lalli, "Black Dolphin"
2. Margery Soroka Memorial Award, $50: Grace Davies, "Naked Raku Horseshoe Crab"

1. Harry Ballinger Memorial Award, $125: Peter Wnek, "Mystery Beyond"
2. Salmagundi Club Award, $100: Carolyn Antonucci-Almeida, "Chanting to God"
3.Certificate of Merit Award, $50: Joe Goldman, "A study for Abanar"






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