Salmagundi Art Club of New York


SCNY Summer Exhibition 2018
Upper Gallery, August 06, 2018 - August 24, 2018

Variety and diversity are the hallmarks of the "SCNY Members Summer Show", an annual event open to all Salmagundi artist members. Taking its cue from the "mixed bag" characteristics of real life, this exhibit will show a variety of high quality paintings, sculptures, graphics and photography. The focus is to display not only the wide range of artistic techniques, but also to spotlight each artist's own personal expressions and unique aesthetic vision.

Visitors will be invited to view the "SCNY Members Summer Show" in the Salmagundi Club's Upper Gallery and Lower Gallery.

Viewing hours are 1-6pm Mon-Fri and 1-5pm Sat & Sun.

To View the Award Winners of 2017, click HERE.

Award Winners of 2018

Margery Soroka Memorial Award, Roger Derrick, "Recollection Lost," Oil on Linen, $1,250 
Henry Nordhausen Memorial Award, Elizabeth Myers Castonguay,  "Coffee and Humanitea Vanishing," Acrylic, $2,900 
Philip Isenberg Award, Gretchen Dugan, "June Seven PM," Graphite, $5,125 
Certificate of Merit Award, John MacDonald, "Late Moonrise," Oil, $2,550 
Certificate of Merit Award, Valerie Mandra, "Eagle Lake," Pastel, $500 
Certificate of Merit Award, Marcus Pierno, "Still I Walk Nonetheless," Oil on Canvas, $2,700 
Certificate of Merit Award, Henry Buerckholtz, "Anticipation," Oil, $1,200 
Certificate of Merit Award, Lucas Bononi, "Estaban," Oil in Panel, $1,250 
Rosemary & Co. Brushes Material Award, Shawn  Sullivan, "Fear Of Flying," Oil, $800 
SourceTek Canvas Panels Material Award, Jeff Berman, "Subway Riders," Watercolor, $1,200 
SCNY 1st Prize (Dinner for 4 w/bottle of wine), Michael K. Yamaoka, "Sunrise Melts My Lonely Heart," Digital Photograph, $2,750 
Certificate of Merit Award, Alan Richards, "Mind the Gap," Photographic Image Composite, $1,600 
Certificate of Merit Award, Yutien Chang, "Untitled," Ceramic, $10,000 
Certificate of Merit Award, Grace Davies, "Starlings Last Supper," Ceramic & Wood w/Encaustic, $1,300 

Pictured from left to right, top to bottom:
”1976”, Sue Kutosh, Oil & Gold Leaf, 25x21
”Just Before Sunset”, Barry Koplowitz, Oil on Linen, 24x30
”Newfoundland Panorama”, Rosemary Hawkins, Photograph, 14x27
”Kumarakom-Kerala, India”, Vimala Arunachalam, Oil, 18x24
”A Tale of 2 Bridges”, Jeffrey Friedkin, Photography, 13x20


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