Salmagundi Art Club of New York


SCNY Thumb Box Exhibition & Sale 2019
Lower Gallery, December 02, 2019 - January 01, 2020

The BIGGEST "little art" Show of the Year!

A cornucopia of "small" works priced to sell, this extraordinary pageant of  small and original art works in two galleries is one of the most anticipated fine art shopping opportunities in New York City. Over 300 works of art in all media in two galleries will be featured this year. Truly, the BIGGEST "little" Art Show of the Year!

Unlike other exhibits, the Thumb-Box Sale is a rotating exhibition - with each work sold, another work takes it place. Returning shoppers often find a plethora of additional works from which to choose.

On View:
Monday thru Friday 1-6pm
Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm.

Reception and Awards Ceremony:
Thursday, December 12, 6-9PM, with music provided by the Skip Weinstock Trio.

To view award winners, click HERE.



166. Shawn Sullivan, "I Won’t be Ignored"

John N. Lewis Memorial Award, ALL Media, $400: 
213. Niamh Butler, "Cimitero degli Inglesi"

Martin Hannon Memorial Award, ALL MEDIA, $300:
16. Sarah Lucas, "Mystical Maid"

JoAnn Leiser Memorial Award, ALL MEDIA, $200:                     
46. Patricia Wynne, "Neolithic Night"

D. Wu & Elsie Ject-Key Memorial Award for an Oil or Watercolor, $200:
250. Mark Shasha, "Short Term Parking"  

Jack Richeson & Co. Merchandise Certificate Award, $150:
26. Rob Gregoretti, "Untitled No. 3"

Jack Richeson & Co. Merchandise Certificate Award, $100:
155. Geoffrey Leckie, "Fish Market, Venice"

Don Donaldson Memorial Award for a figure painting, ALL MEDIA, $100:
212. Wendy McClatchy, "The Collection"

Certificate of Merit Award, ALL MEDIA:
50. Carole Teller, "Suburbia"

Certificate of Merit Award, ALL MEDIA:
7. Christopher Zhang, "Sea Sunset"

Certificate of Merit Award, ALL MEDIA:
8. Kathryn McMahon, "Harbor Reflections"

Certificate of Merit Award, ALL MEDIA:
62. Rosanne Cerbo, "Shy"



Alphaeus P. Cole Memorial Award, $200:
83. Olga Nielson, "Dreamer"

Philip Isenberg Memorial Award, $50:
252. Mark Edward Adams, "Unbroken"



Philip Isenberg Memorial Award, $200:
76. Rod Brayman, "Leap"

Certificate of Merit Award:
198. Bo Kass, "Still Life with Pears"

Certificate of Merit Award:
204. Jeffrey Friedkin, "Greetings from New York"


Pictured (top to bottom, left to right):
"Noise Maker", Lisa Budd, oil, 4x7, $225
"Garden Gate", Debra Keirce, 6x6, oil, $225
"Florida to Maine" Neil Allen, photograph, 10x10, $150
"Brooklyn Bridge", Jeffrey Friedkin, photograph, 12x9, $200
"Fallen Birch", Henry Buerckholtz, 9x12 oil, $350
"Suburbia", Carole Teller, oil on panel, 8x10, $450
"Crucible", Shirlee Cunningham, 10x10, oil, $950



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