Salmagundi Art Club of New York


Salmagundi Centennial Exhibition & Sale 2018
March 12, 2018 - March 23, 2018

In 1917 the Artists and Patrons of the Salmagundi Club decided to purchase our brownstone building at 47 Fifth Avenue as their permanent home. Some of the greatest artists in American history contributed paintings to an Art Sale to help fund that original purchase.

In commemoration of that 1917 Art Sale and our Building Centennial, we are having a special Exhibit & Fundraising Sale.This sale will include many of today's well known artists from our membership and beyond, who have contributed artwork to raise funds necessary to make needed improvements and upgrades to our 165 year old building.

Artists planning to participate in the special sale are Don Demers, Joanne Mangi, CW Mundy, Sherrie McGraw, Joseph McGurl, Thalia Stratton, Kathy Anderson, Michele Byrne, Debra Joy Groesser, Michele Dunaway, and many others.

To View the Art, click HERE.

Come, participate and be a part of making the next 100 years of history at Salmagundi!

I will be unable to attend but would like to DONATE NOW!


Pictured (clockwise from top):
-A 1917 Salmagundi Auction at the Club's previous address, 14 West 12th Street.
-Andy Wei, "Episode", Oil, 10 x 6, $500
-Don Demers, "With Wind and Tide", Oil on Linen, 18 x 24, $17,500
-Kathy Anderson, "Pink H ydrangea, Oil, 12 x 9, $1,800
-Joseph McGurl, "On T op of the World, Acadia", Oil on Panel, 16 x 24, $11,500
-Michael Yamaoka, "Reflection of the Empire State Building", Digital Photograph, 40.5x30, $2500
-Gail Gurman, "Shawna", Oil, 13"x13", $425


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