Salmagundi Art Club of New York


2020 Junior and Scholarship Exhibition
Lower Gallery, January 06, 2020 - January 30, 2020

The Scholarship and Junior program was originally conceived by former Salmagundi Club President Junius Allen in the late 1950’s, and it has remained a vital source for attracting new and talented young members since that time. The Scholarship and Junior Club members have a wide variety of talent that is demonstrated in works done in various mediums and subject matters. Many Salmagundi Club members, such as master portrait painters Daniel Greene and Everett Raymond Kinstler, were former Scholarship and Junior members. The Scholarship program is for members from ages 21-30, and the Junior program is for members ages 31-35.

In addition to its focus on this specific age group, this members’ show is unique in comparison to all other exhibitions held at the Salmagundi Club. It is distinct in that each exhibiting artist may submit up to five pieces of artwork with no restrictions on size or subject matter.

The Salmagundi Club continues to serve as a center for fine artists from New York and around the country, providing exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, and photography, conducting art classes, painting demonstrations, and art auctions throughout the year.

Galleries will be closed on Friday, January 24 due to a special event.

Gallery hours:
Mon - Fri 1-6PM
Sat & Sun 1-5PM


Deane Keller Memorial Award, $300: 11. Lucas Bononi, The Forest
Kennelly Family Award, $300: 15. Megan Euell, The Jeweler
Al Barker Award, $200: 37. Junyi Liu, In Dreams I Open My Eyes
Carole Teller Award, $100: 27. Charity Henderson, Emergent
Roger Rossi Award, $100: 52. Benjamin Lussier, Over the Influence
President’s Award, $100: 53. Daniel Folta, John 21
The Gargoyles Award for Work on Paper, $100: 21. Natalie Dark, Poder
John & Eloise Morehouse Award, $50: 33. Arturo Cabrera, I Am as I Am
Eugenia Dean Memorial Award, $50: 5. Maggie O’Keefe, Elizabeth
Bill Creevy “The Oil Painting Book” Award: 43. Mitchell Saler, Lake View from the Hill
Bill Creevy “The Oil Painting Book” Award: 8. Dylan Gillespie, Smugglers Notch
“Coffee and Crit with Creevy” Opportunity Award: 58. Jaron Tepper, 86th Street Station

Pictured (clockwise)
-Arthur Haywood, "Mock Mural", Photograph, 11x14, $120
-Sarah Weizhen Xu, "Lemonade", Oil, 12x12, $450
-Jaron Tepper “86th Street Station”, Oil, 18x24, $4300
-Charity Henderson, "Emergent", Oil, 40x30, $2100

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