Salmagundi Art Club of New York


"THE HUNT" Exhibition Presented by Vanessa Rothe Fine Art
Patrons' Gallery, September 19, 2019 - September 23, 2019


Participaing artists:   Juliette Aristides, C.W Mundy, Michelle Dunaway, Karen Offutt, Julio Reyes, Candice Bohannon, David Gluck, Katherine Stone, Derek Penix, Olga Krimon, David Gray, Cornelia Hernes, Stephan Bauman, Vanessa Rothe, Mia Bergeron, John McLeod, Sam Robinson, Nicolas Martin, Richard Thomas Scott, Megan Euell, Stephanie Thompson, Eric Bowman, Joe Weatherly.

This Fall exhibition will consist of 22 artists' paintings on the theme of the Hunt and the Chase.

Held in the Patrons Gallery, with rich wood furniture, and a fireplace exuding old world charm, "The Hunt" will be right at home in the famous walls of the historic Salmagundi Club.

The theme of the hunt has been popular through the ages, and the Fox Chase is still prevalent in England, France, most of Europe, as well as the East Coast of the United States. From King Louis XIV, to French riding clubs, tailor shops still exist in Paris on Rue Jacob, crafting one of a kind Tweed suits for France's hunting society. Clubs and estates still practice this historical sport, most more conscientiously than in the past.

From historical works such as Chardin’s renowned tonal still-lifes of ducks, rabbit, fowl and game, to Peter Paul Rubens's dynamic “The Tiger Hunt” and “The Wolf and Fox Hunt”, to Eugene Delacroix's "Tiger Hunt", these fine works were often created on a grand scale. Prized fox-hounds and pheasant hunts were some of the more prevalent of subjects in the mid 1800's to 1900’s, and it remains an intriguing theme for artists to approach today.

In “The Hunt” exhibition, Rothe has asked some of today's top realists to revisit these themes with their contemporary palettes and ideas. Whether inspired by these fantastical large scale historic works, or by subjects they have encountered in their everyday lives, their works explore the many aspects of the hunt, the chase, and even the beauty of the forest itself.

David Gluck has recently created many fine art works of a pheasant hunter, and will be adding a mid-sized piece to the exhibition on this subject. Esteemed animal artist Joe Weatherly has created dynamic fight scenes between a jaguar and a crocodile, as well as a stunning new painting of a snow leopard; a hunter in and of itself. Michelle Dunaway was inspired by Diana, goddess of the hunt, and famed horse-and-rider artist, Sam Robinson, includes stunning small to large scale works of the Fox Chase and fox-hounds, worthy enough for the fireplace of a large lodge. C.W. Mundy has created small gem portraits of hunters, fishermen and trappers, such as our Russian Siberian Bear Hunter; with his iconic Russian hat. Other artists focus on feathered bird still-lives, or deer antlers painted in thick, neutral, textured paint.

A few words on the exhibition from curator/artist Rothe: 

"We have discovered that many of our fine art collectors admire this exciting, timeless theme. I had seen historical works relating to duck and pheasant hunting, or the Fox Chase, as well as the theme being touched on in some contemporary artists over the last 6 months, so I decided to move forward and curate a full contemporary exhibition. Think of Chardin's still lifes, English tweed, fox-hounds, ducks, mallards, the Fox Chase, deer, pheasants, antlers, fishing, wolves, horse and riders, as well as figurative works of Diana, goddess of the hunt. It's always of interest to our collectors to have a new, exciting theme for their collection. As artists of this century, we want to be inspired by, and carry on, traditions from our past masters; while making it our own for the market of today”.

The works in the exhibition will vary from small 8x6 works that can be added to a mantle top, to larger 24x30 fox-hound chase scenes with full landscapes; perfect for above the fireplace. After its debut at the Salmagundi Club on the East Coast, September 19th to the 23rd, the works will travel to Laguna Beach, California, at the Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery, from September 30th thru October 30th, 2019.


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