Salmagundi Art Club of New York


SCNY 2018 Thumb-Box Exhibition & Sale
Upper Gallery, December 03, 2018 - January 01, 2019

Among this year's many exhibiting Member Artists will be Guy A. Wiggins, Richard Lithgow, Kathy Anderson, Michael Budden, Carole Teller, John Bowman, Virginia Aschmoneit, & Christopher Zhang. Adding to the allure of this year's sale, paintings by Antonio Cirino (1897-1983) as well as Gustave Cimiotti (1875-1969) will also be featured and available for sale.

Unlike other exhibits, the Thumb-Box Sale is a rotating exhibition - with each work sold, another work takes it place. Return shoppers often find a plethora of additional works from which to choose

On view Mon - Fri 1-6pm, Wed until 8pm. Sat & Sun 1-5pm.


John N. Lewis Memorial Award,#101, Rita Curtis, "Rushing Water"
Martin Hannon Memorial Award,#27, Christopher Zhang, "Country Sunset"
JoAnn Leiser Memorial Award, #210, George Bodine, "Event Horizon"
D.Wu & Elsie Ject-Key Memorial Award, #151, Nao Motomatsu, The view from Carl Schurz Pk.
Don Donaldson Memorial Award, #314, Henry Buerckholz, "Figure Study"
Certificate of Merit, #45, Patricia Wynne, "My visit to the Pleistocene "
Certificate of Merit, #9, Whitney Hansen, "Milk Bottles"
Certificate of Merit, #209, Sungsook Setton, "By Long Island Sound"
Certificate of Merit, #203, Margery Beaumont, "Red Square"

Alphaeus P. Cole Memorial Award, #256, Daro Flood, "Bedouin"
Philip Isenberg Memorial Award, #48, Selma Hillman, "Bird of Prey"
Certificate of Merit, #223, Carmiah Frank, "Siesta"
Certificate of Merit, #11, Lou Lalli, "Cave Beast Lion"

Philip Isenberg Memorial Award, #14, Anthony Almedia, "Three Holler Yonder"
Certificate of Merit, #201, Jacquelyn Etling, "Sunset in CT."
Certificate of Merit, #67, Marcus Reidenberg, "Venice Tower II"
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Pictured from 2017: Among the works from  year are works by (clockwise) Guy A. Wiggins, Jane Penfield, Carole Teller, Henry Buerckholtz, Sung-Sook Setton, Richard Lithgow, Kathy Anderson.














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