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View Out My Window ONLINE Exhibition
Online, June 29, 2020 - August 10, 2020


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An Online Exhibition on
Opened or closed, a window is a transparent barrier that places the viewer apart from what is viewed. What's seen is filtered by the viewer's mindset into perceived reality. Every artist has his/her own particular way of seeing real or metaphoric. The artist’s own image may be reflected back to him too, somehow detached from its environment, inviting a more spiritual and less physical translation. The artist’s interpretation of the image may be influenced by current circumstances, beautiful memories, or simply a vision of feeling made visible.

What do you see Out Your Window?
To view the award winners, click HERE.
Margery Soroka Estate, $300: Katie Dobson-Cundiff, "Buenos Aires's Puerto Madero Riverfront"
Philip Isenberg Award, $200: CW Mundy, "Backyard Sunrise"
Francis Kughler, $150: Tony D'Amico, "Street Corner Voyeur"
SCNY Members Memorial Award, $50: Farrin Chwalkowski, "View From My Window"
Pictured (top to bottom)
Linda Armstrong, Kitchen Window View, pastel, 9x13, $1200
Mary Carew, Cloudy Day in Dublin, oil, 12x9, $750
John Desoto, Window Awakening, acrylic, 22x18,2000
Peter Salwen, Social Distancing at UPS, oil, 12x16, $750
C.W. Mundy, Backyard Sunrise, oil on linen, 16x16, $7500


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