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"Witnesses", Lucy K. H. Kalian
Patrons' Gallery, September 03, 2017 - September 17, 2017

Lucy Kalian remains unapologetically representational in her art.

“My title for this body of work, ‘Witnesses’, refers not only to the thoughtful observer, but also to woodlands, trees, and their remains that have a further reaching autobiography than most of us walking the land today. They’ve witnessed yearning and understand urgency regarding the turmoil currently present throughout the world. The woods bear witness to a changing ecosystem and changing ‘humansystem’.”
“As a young girl, I would wake early and go into the wooded valley between our home and a local farm. A favorite, fallen tree harbored pencils and paper. Hours were spent wandering, drawing and writing. I awakened most days with a deep sense of yearning and urgency that had to be confronted. Not much has changed. My days begin earlier and I now share my musings.”

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