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Dichotomy of Light
Patrons' Gallery, October 19, 2020 - October 24, 2020

Curated by Joseph Ralph Fraia and Liz Guarracino

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What is light? What is darkness?

Everything the human eye sees is reflections of radiations, frequencies of waves, rays of particles. Reality exists, but ours is just a perception of it, a very subjective and fallacious perspective, on which though we base our entire existence.

A ray of light carries a prism of colors: that is, the ineffable nature of the human condition. Single and multiple at the same time.

This exhibition aims to show the fascinating mystery behind the way we perceive our reality, the inherent complexity of how we look at our world.

Observation can lead us to knowledge and wisdom or reveal to us how misleading and spurious our perceptions are.

That is the Dichotomy of Light.   


Liz Guarracino
Erika Lyn Horwitz
Bethzaida Rivera
Joseph Ralph Fraia    


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Sat. & Sun, 1pm - 5pm

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