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The Salmagundi Library and Eleventh Street Arts Presents the Exhibition "The Red Show"
Library, February 05, 2020 - March 01, 2020

Eleventh Street Arts and the Salmagundi Library presents The Red Show, a loan exhibition from Grand Central Atelier featuring a selection of still life, figure, and portrait paintings by contemporary realist artists.  Each painting featured in the exhibition explores the relationship between the psychological associations of the color red and the sublimity of masterful realist painting.  We invite you to join our investigation into the artists’ use of color as symbolic language.   
“Symbolically, red is the color of life. Red attracts us, conveying vitality, warmth, excitement, passion. Its meaning relates, at bottom, to the human experience of blood and fire, the burning energy of human desirousness.” 
— Benedikt Taschen, Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images, 2010

“Red flows within us: it is the color of blood. And from that comes our primal associations: passion, love, hate, and anger. Its appearance in our society extends those meanings; it is the color of heat and fire, cataclysm, war, and revolution. And when it appears in more benign forms—in flowers and fruits, on birds and bugs, in rubies and coral, and in brilliant sunsets and autumn leaves—it is the outlier, the counterpoint to a more ordinary world.

Red is the color of both life and mortality; it is an attractor, luring the eye and promising danger and seduction—associations not lost in the world of cosmetics and fashion. Nor in the world of art, where its qualities, both visual and symbolic, can entice the viewer and breathe meaning into any work.”

— Robert B. Simon, 2019  

Twelve paintings from this exhibition will be at the Salmagundi Library from February 5 to March 1, 2020. 
Hours: The exhibition will be on view Friday through Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm and by appointment during the week. 
Reception for Members' & Guests Wednesday, February 5, 6-8PM.
Featured artists: Art in exhibition will be selected from artists listed below.
Brendan Johnston | Brian West | Dale Zinkowski | Devin Cecil-Wishing | Diana Buitrago | Gregory Mortensen | Jacob Collins | Justin Wood | Kathryn Engberg | Katie Whipple | Kevin Muller | Rodrigo Mateo | Sandra Sanchez | Sarah Lamb | Edward Minoff | Travis Schlaht | Tsultrim Tenzin
Special thanks to the following for their assistance: Jason Wardy, Justine Kalb, Jacob Collins,  Elizabeth Spencer, Nick Dawes, Dale Zinkowski, Kevin Muller Cisneros and Alexander Katlan.
Pictured: Art Pomegranates and Olive Leaves by Sarah Lamb, 8x15.5”, oil on linen, 2019

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