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For the Epoch Times Article on SCNY's American Masters 2018 Exhibition & Sale:

PleinAir Art Podcast, August 14, 2018, featuring SCNY Chaimran Tim Newton:

In the New York POST:

On CBS-TV,  Joe Goldman interviewed about Salmagundi's "Greenwich Village: People, Places, & Things" Exhibition:

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Streamline Art publisher B. Eric Rhoads discusses the history of the Salmagundi Club in New York with Chairman of the Board Tim Newton.  Click HERE for the video.

American Masters featured in Epoch Times : click HERE for the article.

SCNY President Robert Pillsbury featured in July 2016 issue of Epoch Times.

"Inside the Salmagundi Club with Guy A. Wiggins", as featured in the October 9th issue of Arts & Antiques Weekly, can be read by clicking HERE.

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SCNY Monotypes featured in July's Fine Arts Conoisseur ! Click HERE to read the article.

Plein air painting video featuring Don Demers and some of the artists that were in the "Why Outdoors?" exhibit at the Salmagundi Club in April of 2014.  Click HERE.

For a terrific overview of the building and it's history, click HERE for the 2012 online feature as posted by the New York Social Diary entitled "Big Old Houses: Fugitive Chic"

Guy A. Wiggins as featured in The New York Times in 2010. Click HERE to read the article.

2018 Exhibitions

Jan. 8 – 25, SCNY Landscape “Night & Day” Exhibition (UG)
Jan. 8 – 25, SCNY Junior/Scholarship 
Tues., Feb. 6 SCNY, General Membership Meeting 
Jan. 29 – Feb. 15, SCNY Historic Black & White (UG)
Jan. 29 – Feb. 15, SCNY Open & Members Printmaking (LG)
Feb. 20 – Mar. 8, SCNY: Greenwich Village People, Places & Things Exhibition (UG)
Feb. 20 – Mar. 8, The Salmagundi Club Show (LG)
Wed., Mar. 14, SCNY Library Dinner (Dining Room Closed)
Mar. 12 - Mar. 23, SCNY Special Sale Exhibition (UG)
Mar. 26- Apr. 6, SCNY Open & Members Photography (UG)

Thur., Apr.12, SCNY General Membership Meeting
Apr. 9 - Apr. 28, American Watercolor Society (UG & LG)
Wed., May 16, SCNY Presidents’ Dinner (Dining Room Closed)
Apr. 30 - May 18, SCNY Spring Auction Exhibition (LG), Auction on May 11 & 18.

Apr. 30- May 18, SCNY Annual Members Exhibition (UG)

 June 4- June 15, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club (UG)
June 4- June 15, SCNY Collector’s Exhibition (LG)
Tues., June 5, SCNY General Membership Meeting 
June 18 - July 6, Nat’l Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylic, Inc. (UG)
 June 18 - June 23, Gramercy Community Art Show (LG)
June 25 - July 6, SCNY Monotype Exhibition (LG)
Sun., July 8 - July 20, COGAP Exhibition (UG)
July 9 - July 20 SCNY Nautical Exhibition (LG)
July 23 - Aug. 3, Annual Juried Painting/Sculpture Exhibition for Non-Members (UG)
July 23- Aug. 3, Annual Juried Photography/Graphics Exhibition for Non-Members (LG)
Aug. 6- Aug.24, SCNY Non-Juried Summer Exhibition (UG & LG)
Aug. 30 - Sept. 16, Allied Artist’s of America Exhibition(UG)
Sept. 4 - Sept. 14,  SCNY Art Classes Exhibition (LG)
Sept. 15 - Sept. 28, Tajmagundians (Patrons' Gallery)
Sept. 21 - Oct. 2, Art Renewal Center Exhibition (UG)
Sept. 24 - Oct. 5, SCNY: Sylvia Maria Glesmann Floral Exhibition

Oct. 1 - 26 Fall Auctions to Benefit Salmagundi

Oct. 6 - 26, American Masters @ SCNY
Oct. 29 - Nov. 9, Audubon Artists
Nov. 12 - 24, American Artist Professional League
Dec. 3, 2018 - January 1, 2019, SCNY Thumb-Box Exhibition & Sale



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Salmagundi Club is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.