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Still Life with Watermelon
Margery Soroka
(N.A., A.W.S.) 1920-1990, provided a legacy of abstracting from objects the color and value of shapes. In themes that express the subject she unified each work, either using a dominant color or the shape itself. She especially embraced the medium of watercolor.
Set of 10 with envelopes

Still Life with Copper Pan
Emil Carlsen's
, (N.A.)1853-1932, unique artistic voice, reflects a sophisticated artistic style which is both quiet and contemplative. The still life, with copper pan, is characteristic of the painter's own thoughtful personality which uses inanimate objects to evoke a meditative mood.

First Snow

Hobart Nichols'
(N.A., A.W.S.) 1869-1962, expressive depiction of a farm scene closed in by a winter storm epitomizes a feeling of isolation. The artist painted in a time when storms were of particular interest as allegory and symbolism.

The club collection is a testament to all the members, past and present that are proudly associated with an institution destined to make history in the art world.
These prints, from our permanent collection currently out on tour, are combined to make a complete set of 10 with envelopes

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