Amber Sherman Amber Sherman

Amber is originally from Buffalo, NY and has lived in the NYC/NJ area since 2011. She specializes in Fine Art Photography and covers a few different types of photography including experimental/Abstract, Panoramas, and Macro photography. She really started to find a feel for her photography style while traveling around the world for a couple years before moving to the NYC area. Amber's passion has always involved a camera. Getting her B.A. in Media Production, she also has a love of film. She has worked in Film/TV industry since graduating in 2008. Photography has always been something that Amber turned to for self-expression, and how she showed others how she sees the world. It wasn't until 2010 that she decided to start Amber Sherman Photography and get her name out there and her art on to people's walls. She is now happily living and settled in New Jersey with her Fiance, and puppy!

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