Ann Guidera-Matey Ann Guidera-Matey

My work begins with an emotional connection in nature. A sunset, a reflection in still water, or an early morning shadow crossing a field excites me. The memories and emotions of these particular moments outdoors motivate my painting. Favorite places for inspiration include the Eastern Shore of Maryland, New Jersey Shore, the Brandywine River Valley and Hudson, New York. Recently my work has been energized by trips to Ireland, France and Italy. My work is simple and direct. Landscapes are based on simplified shapes and strong colors are used to convey emotion. I love the immediacy, vibrant color and portability of pastels. I apply the pastels to a panel that I under paint with acrylic and then prime with pumice gel, which provides the texture. I paint at Heron Crest Studios in Aston, Pennsylvania, where I welcome visitors throughout the year by appointment.

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