Barbara Alice Moir Barbara Alice Moir

Barbara Alice Moir (Moy-er) joined the Salmagundi Club in 2006 as an oil painter and photographer under her former name, Barbara C. Thompson. Her rural and urban themes are expressed in strong colors both in brush and knife, developed through classical traditions but often finishing with thicker paint and rich textures. Reflected light is a recurring theme, whether in nature or artificially. Originally, from New Rochelle, and later raised in the Catskills, she lived and painted more recently in Jackson Heights, and then throughout the Hudson and Delaware valleys. A city-to-country diversity is present in her work. Barbara has exhibited with various art groups in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn and received awards from the Salmagundi Club and the Jackson Heights Art Club. She is currently establishing a new studio in the farming area of northern New Jersey. You can see more of Barbara Moir's paintings at her website.

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