Charles Gilbert Kapsner Charles Gilbert Kapsner

Charles Gilbert Kapsner, studied at the Universita Internazionale dell' Arte and at the nineteenth-century studio of Nerina Simi (1890-1987). It was through the study of traditional art that Kapsner learned how to use the compositional tools of the Renaissance and Baroque periods to express himself as a contemporary painter.

Kapsner has exhibited widely throughout the US and Europe, and has painted eight frescoes (two in his hometown). In 2003 he received the Career Achievement Award from the Florence Biennale. He is currently immersed in the Veterans Education Historic Project, a series of five 8' X 10' oil paintings-depicting the men and women of each of the U.S military branches.

"The imagery I create encourages the viewing audience to explore beyond their own immediate surroundings and invites them-through self-reflection-to more fully appreciate the beauty of the adornments of daily life while pondering the possibilities that lie ahead."

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