Cynthia B. Crier Cynthia B. Crier

Historically, many architects studied first as painters. I have reversed that course, moving instead from architecture to art. My subjects are drawn from my dual passions - architectural built forms and natural settings. Like a writer, I work with what I know. In a painterly representational tradition, I am known for my labor-intensive transformations of the nitty-gritty textural life in New York City into conceptually rich images. My New York paintings offer "an intimate look into my wonderful world," especially my West Village neighborhood, whose intricate intertwining of streets, people, buildings, and trees are rendered in expressive detail. The knowledge of architectural details adds to the unseen labor and construction, but the paintings themselves do not ever seem labored. They project themselves as a spontaneous and all-at-once comprehension of the city, whose colors sparkle in a wonderful light.

Typically working in oils, I am now exploring a variety of mediums.

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