Gil Winter

Gil Winter is an Art Collector and Resident Lay Member. His appreciation of art and architecture began early in his life, and he cultivated these passions by choosing a career as a builder and a primary avocation as as an art collector. His collection is entirely acquired from artists personally known to him at the time, including Will Barnet, Michael Pattinson, Pablo Roehrig, Arline Erdrich, Charles Yoder, Peter Hujar, Jan Groth, Robert Rauschenberg, Platon and many others. Since joining the Salmagundi Club, all new art acquired is from the remarkable artist members of The Club. Though he is an active member of many museums in NYC, The Club has become a unique source of inspiration, appreciation and pleasure in his life, enjoying various auctions, exhibitions, fine food and drink in the dining room and bar lounge with wonderful members and guests, and an occasional game of pool in the Lower Gallery.

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