Grace Schlesier

Artist Statement: Almost all of Grace Schlesierís paintings begin out of doors. Experiencing the day, hearing the surf, feeling the wind and hearing the distant call of a gull saturates her senses. Grace feels these experiences help to create a mood in her work. Then, she says, if Iím happy with my field studies and I feel they are worthy of a larger studio piece, Iíll take it to the next level. In the studio, Grace has the time to refine, redesign and edit her ideas to a larger canvas. Conveying the mood and the emotion of a place to the viewer is her goal and this usually takes months to achieve. She often tells her audience, ďIíll go out and paint in the wind and the weather so I can give you the gift and serenity of enjoying that view in the comfort of your home.Ē Collectors tell her, after a hectic day the serenity of her paintings gives them peace. Grace says, ď I love to hear that. Then I feel Iíve done my job of giving back.Ē

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