Jacqueline Meyerson Jacqueline Meyerson


I am a self-taught pastel artist. My studio is set up like a horseshoe, where my easel is in the middle of two aisles of cabinets. I can reach into many stacked drawers of pastels arranged by density and color, at arm’s length. Cultivating good drawing techniques, paying attention to composition, and evoking emotion through ones work, is an integral part of my process. Reclaiming old forgotten items and breathing life into them with pastels is my current muse, which I call "Organized Chaos." I am most humbled by the designation of Master Pastelist from the Pastel Society of America. This year, my paintings have graced the walls of the Butler Institute of Art, in Youngstown, Ohio and the State Museum, in Harrisburg, PA. Currently, I am the resident pastel instructor at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA.

Visit Jacqueline Meyerson's Website: http://www.meyersonstudios.com

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