John Potter John Potter

From the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Reservation, John grew up with an abiding love for nature and his Native heritage. Drawn to the arts from childhood, Potter earned degrees in Painting and Illustration from Utah State University, then spent twenty years as an award-winning illustrator before becoming a full-time painter. John spends many hours in the field, observing and studying light, mood, the land and sky. “When I step outside, my intent is to observe and to borrow from nature, in order to orchestrate a moment of light, color, and my own emotional and intellectual responses to these on canvas," explains John. "My hope is the viewer may see the world through my eyes for a moment and gain an appreciation for the quiet dignity to be found in the wild." Having participated in shows and exhibitions throughout the U.S., his work hangs in private collections around the world.

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