Joke Frima

Joke Frima has studied at the art-academy in Holland, but it was through the study of traditional art with Nerina Simi 1976-1984 that she acquired her kills. She has a very spacious and bright studio, as well as her own exhibition space in the hamlet Vissingy, in Bourgogne France. Frima exhibits everywhere in the world, but mainly in Amsterdam. The combination of the very rural and quiet environment in France and the frequent busy visits to the Netherlands proves to be fruitful. Joke finds her subject matter in everyday beauty. In her vegetal still life's she shows us nature not yet picked clean. In an abstracted play of texture, rhythm, light and colour, Frima manages to evoke a sense of calm and harmony in a rather modest subject. Simulacrum is winner First Place Prize of the Landscape Category landscape in the ARC Salon 2013-14, Art Renewal Center. Renewal Center.

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