Joseph B. Rivard

J.B. Rivard is a writer, artist, engineer and composer. His artworks have won many awards and are in numerous collections across the country. He attended The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from the University of Florida. Over thirty-seven years, his artwork appeared in fifty juried exhibitions throughout the U.S., including fifteen by invitation. Hes also published short stories, worked as a journalist and composed symphonic music and pop songs. His latest endeavor is ILLUSIONS OF MAGIC, a historical novel with illustrations by the author. Illustrated (adult) novels are rare today, but J.B. hopes his book will encourage a return to the illustrated novel that was popular with Dickens in the nineteenth century and John Steinbeck in the twentieth, affording jobs for artists and illustrators. J.B. is also a research engineer retired from a U.S. National Laboratory. He lives in Spokane, Washington.

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