Lorna Fisher Vanparys Lorna Fisher Vanparys

2014-18 The Brooklyn Brush Studios, New York City: «Street Art » mural 2018. 2007-18 The Century Association Gallery, New York City: annual exhibitions. 2017- 2018 Salon d'Automne, Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France, exhibitions, 2003-05 Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Union University, Vermont college: theory of art, 24 paintings, 45 book reports, thesis on a comparison of « Modern » and « Contemporary » (Post Modern) art, final exhibition. 1994-98 Apprentis in studio of artist Françoise André, Bruxelles, Belgium: study of the technique of the old masters. 1965-67 University of Colorado, Boulder, Co. diploma Fine Arts and Political Science. 1963-65 New York University, New York City, liberal arts. 1960-63 Abbot Academy, Andover, Ma. Bourse: Boston Museum m Art School I have always had a passion for art: its history, its theory and years of private research in my studio.

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