M. Moore

"Above everything else, art is assigned the task of empathy. In her recent work Meghan Moore presents individuals not as objects or types but as living things. I've always thought of portraiture as a pretentious genre which empowered and entrusted the artist to bring forth the truth of the subjective person behind the veil of the everyday. In a range of essential media Moore manages to enforce and prioritize an individual within the mechanics of representation. The media and the artist are never dominant and we are granted an access that makes possible a unique and genuine exchange between individuals outside of both time and place. These are moments that are beautiful and hard, challenging and hopeful. In a time when nothing is private and little is personal, Moore offers us glimpses of individuals that far surpass image alone. "

- Jaclyn Conley, Artist/Critic

Visit M. Moore's Website: http://www.mmoorestudio.com/

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