Matthew M. Schulz Matthew M. Schulz

Matthew M. Schulz's love for the outdoors began at an early age venturing afield with his Grandfather, John B. Farrington(1925-2008) on the salt marshes in Barnstable and the woods of Maine. These experiences became the genesis for what would become a love affair with painting. "I was always interested in Color and Light, even as a child and I believe that it was my Mother who first recognized and helped cultivate my love for both."

Painting, which began with a narrow focus of Wildlife Art and Duck Stamps evolved into an ever broadening passion. Matthew cites the 19th Century artists Frederick E. Chuirch, Albert Bierstadt and Winslow Homer as being very influential, as well as contemporary artists Robert Bateman, Andrew Wyeth, John Stobart, Paco Young, Robert Douglas Hunter. Interestingly enough, the only other artist in the family is Matthew's 4x Grand Uncle, 19th Century Artist Clement Drew (1806-1889).

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