Steve Rogers Steve Rogers

I have never ceased to be fascinated by ships and the sea. In fact, marshlands and boatyards will do just as well. I am amazed by the craftsmanship, design, and beauty in the building of a ship or for that matter, a simple skiff. I love the stark beauty of the wetlands, the sheer power of the ocean, and the inherent structures in the docks and warehouses of a working waterfront. So much of what we see today of our marine heritage is slowly fading away under the irresistible and relentless pressure of development. My work is simply a small effort to preserve some memories of what used to be for those who remember fondly, and those who are unaware of what life was like only a few short decades ago. Some people have said there is a sadness to my work. To some extent there may be, but it is more a recognition, admiration and respect for the lives and work of those who work on the water . There I consider myself fortunate in the extreme to be able to pursue my art as well as share it.

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