A.J. Obara, Jr.

Anthony J. Obara Jr., (American school, born 1948) is a preeminent animalier sculptor, self-taught in the manner of Antoine-Louis Barye, Pierre Jules Mene and Isidore Bonheur, French sculptors of the 18th and 19 centuries. Obara casts each bronze using the traditional cire perdue "lost wax" process and is particularly well-known for his patinas. Obara hand finishes each sculpture with precision and care. Although a prolific artist, having undertaken more than 275 works to date, he limits editions to five or ten and rarely more than fifteen castings. A low edition ensures the quality of minute detail-down to the sculptor's fingerprints . It might be a splash, a wing stroke, a gesture or stance that triggers the sculptor's creative process. Obara travels extensively, hoping to experience that one instant of connection between artist and animal that will fire his desire to capture in bronze a millisecond of time.

Visit A.J. Obara, Jr.'s Website: http://www.ajobara.com/

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