Judith Pestronk Judith Pestronk

Judith Pestronk was a Professor of Art at Nassau Community College, and before her retirement, received various distinctions and awards for her sculpture and jewelry. She taught art history, sculpture, and design as an adjunct professor, and was honored with a distinguished faculty achievement award for 27 years of excellence in both the classroom and the studio. Although a sculptor first and foremost, she draws and paints as well. The artist works with rock, wood, glass, gold, silver, steel, stone, twigs, even old cogs. Because of her grounding in art history, she moves easily from carving a Chinese tomb figure to casting a Cubist lover. "I donít have a political agenda for my work," she said. "What I do is about emotions and about history. I believe that today is an extension of the past. I believe in making beautiful things that last."

Visit Judith Pestronk's Website: http://judithpestronkartworks.wordpress.com/

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