Linee Baird

"I simply love light. Its ability to transform the most mundane of subjects into something beautiful never ceases to amaze me. As an artist I seek to explore light and its magical touch in my paintings."

Linee's journey with art began by spending many after school hours with her elementary art teacher, Marion Cassell, who instilled in Linee the basic principles of art. As Linee progressed, her art received recognition in citywide student art exhibitions. With a passion for both art and architecture, she earned a Degree in Architecture from Ball State University. Later, with two children diagnosed with Fragile-X Syndrome, she set aside her architecture career to devote her attention to the unique needs of her family. By 2009, with her children progressing, she returned to her lifelong love of art. She has recently exhibited in national and international exhibitions and has placed paintings in private collections across America.

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