Lori Putnam Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam's paintings illustrate her personal response to her subjects. The artist travels worldwide to make studies in oil that later serve as resource materials for paintings created in her Charlotte, Tennessee studio. Regarded as one of the top, living American Impressionists, her subject matter knows no boundaries. Instead she focuses on the patterns, rhythms, and color harmonies of the natural landscape, or the subtleties of north light on her still life and figurative subjects. Early development truly began when Putnam and her husband "pulled up roots," sold all of their belongings, and moved to Italy for an intensive, 8-month period of self-study. Additionally, influence and encouragement from artist friends Dawn Whitelaw, Quang Ho, and Scott Christensen contribute much to the artist's growth and success. In recent years, magazines and collectors have taken notice, spotlighting her work, and career, and adding her to their impressive collections.

Visit Lori Putnam's Website: http://www.loriputnam.com/

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