Sherry Lane Sherry Lane

A professional caricature artist, Sherry Lane has been capturing the essence of thousands of personalities in quick sketches and detailed colorful drawings.

She has drawn Hollywood movie stars, political figures, and celebrities at Sardi's as well as portraits of business leaders.

Sherrys book about the ancient art of Face Reading, (Face Signals October 2013) grew from her diverse techniques in caricature portraits in acrylic, oil, watercolor, charcoal, graphite and clay

Sherry has sought and revealed beauty in every face and often tells her subjects I love your beautiful face .

She exhibits her work at the Westbeth Gallery, where she served as curator and director. Sherry's caricatures were published in Star Magazine, and her sculpture can be found in the Encyclopedia of living Artists in America, Contemporary Graphic Artists and Graphic Artists Guilds directory of Illustration.

Sherry Lane has been a Salmagundi member since 1987.

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