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August 8th through August 19th, 2011
Prospectus II & Entry Form
(Photo & Graphics)
August 8th through August 19th, 2011
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Letter from the President

At the Salmagundi Club we are continually watching out for new and emerging artists to exhibit in our Open Graphics and Photography Exhibition and Open Painting and Sculpture Exhibition. We have found that many talented and qualified artists are interested in exhibiting in our Open Shows, and a large number of past and present members were introduced to all that Salmagundi has to offer when they first exhibited their work at the Salmagundi Club through this means.

In 2008 we stepped into the 21st century by allowing entrants to submit their work digitally for the first time. It was such a tremendous success that we have taken this move a step further. In 2009 all entries for the two Open Exhibitions must be submitted in digital format. We will no longer accept slides as a means of submitting work, because the images are so much clearer and easier to view in the digital format. In fact, this past year over 70% of the submissions for the Graphics and Photography Show and over 65% of the entries for the Painting and Sculpture Exhibition came in digitally—slides were in the clear minority in the first year that we made this transition. This was an obvious message to us that we had made the correct move to digital review.

Last year we also added Graphics to the Photography Exhibition, and it, too, was a wonderful success. Not only did this provide more exposure to graphics entrants, whose work has sometimes been overwhelmed by the sheer load of work in the Paintings, Sculpture, and Graphics Exhibitions of the past, but it also increased the volume of excellent work in the Photography Exhibition. Therefore, in 2009 we will again offer the Open Graphics and Photography Exhibition and the Open Painting and Sculpture Exhibition. Please be sure to submit your work to the appropriate exhibition. We will also continue the deadlines as POSTMARK deadlines, not deadlines for receiving entries. The postmark deadline provides the Club with a much more orderly conclusion to the accepting of submissions. Prospectuses for the 2009 Open Exhibitions are now available for your use.

Another change that was instituted for the 2008 Open Exhibitions was that applicants could no longer submit work in more than one medium. In previous years entrants had been able to submit work in several media, oil painting and pastels, for example, but this caused many problems both administratively and for our judges. It also diluted the impression of work presented by one individual, as it is easier for jurors of selection to get a better understanding of an entrant’s strength if the work submitted is consistent. Thus, it is important that when submitting work for 2009, applicants limit their choice of work submitted to whichever single medium they feel is their strongest.

I want to let you all know that our Open Exhibitions in 2008 were among the very best we have ever had. It was a clear consensus that the Open Painting and Sculpture Exhibition was especially strong, and we hope to repeat these successes this year. It is up to you, as entrants, however, to submit strong and wonderful work for the shows, not only to ensure that your artwork will be accepted but also to give the Salmagundi Club the opportunity to see you at your very best.

Our membership has just exceeded 750, and it is as varied as the stew which gave our historic institution its name. Artists in many fields of the visual arts, as well as interested non-artists and patrons of the arts, gather in our landmark Victorian brownstone in Greenwich Village for convivial camaraderie of many kinds. Do explore all that Salmagundi has to offer—classes, lectures, up to a dozen members’ exhibitions per year, receptions, parties and dinners, and auctions. We have a great deal to share with you, and we hope you will join us in experiencing all the tradition and pleasures that the art world of the Salmagundi Club provides. We look forward to viewing your work, and we hope to see it displayed in this year’s Open Exhibitions.

Claudia Seymour